Cheap Unmigrated Alts

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1 Pack

$7.99/ each
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  • Unmigrated Full-Access Account

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5 Pack

$4.99/ each
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  • Unmigrated Full-Access Account

20+ Pack

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  • Unmigrated Full-Access Account
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Minecraft alt?

A Minecraft alt is an alternative Minecraft account!

What does UFA stand for?

Unmigrated Full Access

Is my alt secure?

Yes! The account will be yours and only yours once you migrate it at https://accounts.mojang.com/migrate

How To Migrate Your Account

To learn how to migrate your Unmigrated Full Accesse account read our guide here
How to migrate guide

How can I get support?

You can join our discord and ask for help from the staff members here!


How can I get a replacement account?

Email unmigratedhelp@gmail.com with your Order ID and account info.